Sammie - Jamo Premium - 100% Merino

Sammie – Jamo Premium – 100% Merino

Sammie – Jamo Premium – 100% Merino

Sammie – Jamo Premium – 100% Merino

Sammie - Jamo Premium - 100% Merino - $45.00


A ‘Jamo Premium’ is made with a yarn that is of special characteristics that defines it from the rest of our products. It could be the yarn type or colouring or both. These yarns are more exclusive and more expensive than the normal yarns. We are very selective with picking these materials to still offer good value. Sometimes though we just cannot resist trying out some of these yarns as they create extra special results.

We have made this beanie with a robust high twist 100% Merino wool. This workhorse yarn creates a dense warm fabric and its colours make features in the design pop out.

This beanie has been hand knit ‘in-the-round’ which means there are no sewn seams to come lose at a later date.

This beanie is a combination of looks in one good looking beanie. If has a bold cable section running up one part and then in contrast the rest of the beanie is a checkerboard design. Certainly a beanie that can be worn to any occasion.

Yarn: 100% Marino
Size: Adult

You don’t need a beanie … You need a JAMO!

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