Jake - JamOz

Jake – JamOz

Jake – JamOz

Jake – JamOz

Jake - JamOz - $45.00

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Our ‘JamOz’ range is made from wool that has been sourced from independent yarn producers in Australia and especially South Australia to bring you a product has been sourced and made in Australia by small businesses.

We have used 100% South Australian wool in this product. The flock that the fleece comes from to make this yarn is from Meadows. The yarn is also hand dyed on the farm. If you want to know more about this yarn please see our Finnish yarn page on our website.

This beanie has been hand knit ‘in-the-round’ which means there are no sewn seams to come lose at a later date.

The pattern is designed by Jamo, therefore not available elsewhere. The waffle stitch used makes the beanie thick and also very stretchy, therefore it is warm and a comfortable fit.


  • 100% Heritage Finnish Wool
Size: Adult – X Large + Stretch

You don’t need a beanie … You need a JAMO!