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Jamo Ranges

Jamo Ranges

Jamo Ranges

Our Ranges are growing …. here is some info


Jamo Vegan

These are our acrylic / man made fibre products. 

They are often lower in cost. The characteristics of these fibres are that they are usually very soft to the touch which really lends itself to some of our products. Often these yarns come in exciting and interesting colours which can really jazz up your Jamo.

Why not try Vegan today, we don’t look at it as a life choice…. It’s just shopping!!!!!

Jamo Fusion

These products are mixtures of yarns that are often a blend of different fibres to make up some great yarns for producing your Jamo’s. We experiment a lot with these yarns to give you more options. 

In this range we use a lot of ‘wool’ products and ‘wool’ blends which we have found to be very popular.

Crocheted beanie in our classic style. Made from yarn that is 85% Australian wool, 10% Acrylic, 5% Viscose – which makes a phenomenal fusion!!


Jamo Premium

Our Jamo Premium range is made with a yarn that is of special characteristics that defines it from the rest of the range. It could be the yarn type or colouring or both. These yarns are more exclusive and more expensive than the normal yarns. We are very selective with picking these materials to still offer good value to our customers. Sometimes though we just cannot resist trying out some of these yarns as they create extra special results. 


Cable Knit Beanie made with 100% Superfine Marino variegated print wool.


These products are very special to us and has been a special project and a dream. We are sourcing Australian yarns from small business, targeting South Australia as our first venture. This means the product you buy is Australian made and in most cases we will be able to show you pictures of the flock where your yarn came from. To us that is very special.

If you are an Australian based yarn producer and have yarn you think will interest us… please get in touch


Cable Knit & Waffle Pattern, knitted with 100% Finnish Heritage Breed wool grown and sourced from a wool producer in Meadows South Australia.