JamOz - Finnish Heritage Yarn

JamOz – Finnish Heritage Yarn

JamOz – Finnish Heritage Yarn

JamOz – Finnish Heritage Yarn

As part of our JamOz range we have sourced yarn from a local independent producer in South Australian.

This yarn is produced from a flock of Finnish sheep which is located in a small valley just outside of Meadows in South Australia. This flock has been breed for quality wool since 1984. The yarn is hand dyed and wound on the farm.

The pictures on this page are not just of any Finnish sheep, they are the actual flock that the wool we are using comes from, to us that is extra spacial as we have actually met these guys!!!

Some information for you…..

The Finnish Landrace, Finn or Finnsheep is a breed of domestic sheep native to Finland. It is one of several Northern European short-tailed sheep breeds, but is notable for its high incidence of multiple births – it is common for a ewe to have three, four, or even five lambs at once.

The Wool

The fineness of Finnsheep wool has some individual variation, but the American Sheep Industry’s Wool Council ranks Finnsheep in the fine end of the medium wool category.The wool has a soft handle, a moderate crimp and a high luster.

Finnsheep have a similar range of fleece colours to that of Shetland and Icelandic sheep. White is genetically dominant and the most common colour. Black and black piebald (spotted) sheep are also fairly common, while brown, grey and fawn Finnsheep are very scarce in the USA. Markings such as white stockings, tail tips, white crown or facial markings including the panda-like eyespot pattern, are common in coloured Finnsheep.

Australian Finns are universally white; the wool has superior length, softness, better radius of curvature and reduced prickle factor. In Australia, wool quality and length have improved greatly to the extent that there are now sheep which can be shorn twice per year and whose advantageous wool characteristics have been extensively incorporated into the Merino flock.

Cable Knit & Waffle Pattern, knitted with 100% Finnish Heritage Breed wool grown and sourced from a wool producer in Meadows South Australia.