About Us

Our moto is 'it has to be fun'


Jamo started knitting in 2019 to help get through an illness. He was taught by a close friend and mentor Joan Russell (an amazing and inspiring woman), who still plays a massive role in his life and continues to encourage and inspire his knitting creations.

Not long after Jamo learned to knit, He met his partner Matt. It was his idea to set up the business and he has been there through several evolutions of it. Jamo intends to continue evolving to keep it interesting for him and his valued customers.

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To share our love and enthusiasm of yarn, knitting and crocheting with others. To continue to learn and create new and interesting things, push our boundries and make things that people love to wear / use / see / touch / feel ! In 2022 We sold an illusion artwork of a "leafy sea dragon". The man who bought it was a surfer and shared a touching story of sitting on his surfboard waiting his turn to surf, playing with seaweed in his hands only to discover he was holding a "Leafy Sea Dragon". He had a special unforgettable moment when he discovered the seaweed he thought he had in his hand was actually a rare and beautiful creature. He loved that the artwork showed the creature appearing and disappearing as you pass by it. And it now is a daily reminder of that special moment for him. These kinds of stories make us love what we do !


We only sell yarn that we like to use in our own projects. If you visit us at a market we will usually have finished products for sale using our yarn which you can see/feel, showing off the yarn's potential !

We are always wanting to push the boundaries and help people expand theirs.


When we make products our policy is "if you are not enjoying it then put it down and find something more enjoyable to work on". If we dont love the thing we make then we can't expect others to love it either ! Our policy is "In everything we do, it has to be fun. If we do not enjoy it we do not do it." I think people can tell when something is made with love and joy.

How it all started

a quote from Matt

We're going to have to find a way to sell some of this ! otherwise we are going to drown in knit ware !

Mark (Jamo)

Owner / Designer / Knitter / Customer Services / IT / Sales / Accountant / Marketing / Delivery Boy / Caterer

'Butch' Knitting

Knitting in the Australian bush is fabulous. We try and support other Australian businesses where we can as Australia is part of our identity.


Crocheter / Designer / IT Specialist / Helps and supports Jamo with everything / Patience of a Saint / Emotional Support Specialist / Crisis Manager