Hummingbird Shadow Shawl Pattern - Download

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The Design


This design was actually inspired by the yarn, Hummingbird, by Fiori. The name said it so I just had to do it.

I created the knit with 8ply yarn, the finished measurements of the piece being approximately 2m along the longest side and 80cm from the point tip the top, or course this will be dependant on your tension.


This pattern involves:

Knit, Purl, simple increases and decreases, yarn overs and cast on and cast off.

You will be working with two colours, you knit with one colour for two rows, then the other colour for two and repeat. I do nothing special when I change over the yarns, I am just consistent and carry the yarn up the side and crossing the yarns in the same way.


I used an 8ply yarn.  Finished measurements for an 8ply shawl are approximately 2m x 80cm.

You can use a 4ply yarn. The size will be smaller. Approximately 1.5m along the longest side and 65cm from the point tip the top.

The choice is yours, obviously gauge of yarn will alter the finished size, as long as the two colours are the same gauge. You can use what ever you want, acrylic, wool, blend or cotton. It depends on what you want to use the final product for.

Shadow knitting depends on height difference, therefore I would not recommend lace weighted yarn for these projects.

 The yarn used:

Fiori DK IV 100% Australian, hand dyed Merino

On packet gauge of 22sts per 10cm.

Colour A - 350g (700m) approximately 

Purple rising x 2 skeins

Colour B - 350g (700m) approximately

Hummingbird x 2 skeins

So the total project in 8 skeins with left overs.

Check our online store to see what we have available.

What mix will you come up with.


1) Knitting needles!!!!

Yes that is it again, apart from some scissors. I used a circular knitting needle so you do not have to support the weight when your project gets bigger.

Needle size. It is perfectly ok in this pattern to use 3.5mm or 3.75mm, If using 8ply.

Remember definition in shadow knitting the smaller the needle the better the definition, of course depending on your tension (so many variables).

If you have a 1 or 1.2 meter circular will be perfect.