Lion Shadow Art Pattern - Download

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This is a downloadable pattern. You will get an instant download following payment.

This is an art work created with shadow knitting. It creates and art work that can be put on a canvas 76cm x 62cm. This pattern features Lion. This artwork is great for long spaces such as hallways. What artwork do you have that is best viewed from the side.

You can use any yarn type. As they are wall hangings I use acrylic 8ply yarn. You can of course choose what you prefer.

Shadow knitting involves knit and purl, there is no actual colour work or floats to content with. It can be easily completed by any level of knitter, even if your a beginner.

The Pattern: The pattern has information, general instruction on colour choice. There are written instruction or a chart to follow, which ever you prefer.

Stitches: Knit, Purl, Cast on, Cast off.

Materials: You need approximately 150g (345m) of 2 colours (300g (690m) in total). Help to pick your colours is included in the pattern. I used 8ply / DK yarn for this project. You can use any yarn but it will alter the size and the amount of yarn used. I used a 3.5mm circular needle, 120cm. You can use smaller if you want more definition.

All measurements and weights used in this description and patterns are approximate due the amount of variables, yarn weight, tension of the knitter etc. Jamo Designs take no responsibility for the size of the finished product.